August 23, 2014

For Coaches


Stage Fright? Build Confidence With ThinkPal.

You’re just starting your coaching business and want to be the best you can be, but those first sessions with new clients can be a little nerve-wracking. Use ThinkPal to help you prepare. The variety of creative  questions will help you build both confidence and clients.

  • Refamiliarize yourself with powerful questions to help you get in the zone, kick-start your sessions and keep clients coming back for more
  • Expand your range of coaching questions to move your clients forward; from seeing the big picture to taking actionable steps.
  • Relax and be in the moment with clients, safe in the knowledge that you have all the tools you need to be the best coach you can be.


Looking To Add Value To Your Coaching? Give Clients A Tool You Can Use Together.

Encourage clients to deepen learning between sessions with ThinkPal’s creative questions. Then suggest that they write or record Notes to Self and share them with you. Use these insights to hit the ground running in every session.  It’s like being in your client’s pocket all the time!

  • Support clients to say in the coaching process
    between sessions by tapping into the questions when they need a little boost
  • Help keep clients on track by encouraging them to write Notes To Self and stay accountable to the goals you set together
  • Stay connected in an easy and fun way with ThinkPal’s sharing feature – clients can email you their insights straight from the app!


logo-tp-poweredWant To Reach New Audiences With Your Material? Create Your Own ThinkPal Powered App.
ThinkPal Powered is set up for coaches to create their own app with their own content easily and quickly. Using ThinkPal’s development platform and techy wizardry, now you can have your own branded app without having to start from scratch!

Check out the ThinkPal Powered page to learn more, or contact us directly and we’ll tell you all you need to know about having an app for your coaching business.