August 23, 2014

The Questions


Anytime Questions

“What dare do you want to set yourself?” Anytime, any day, any situation.  Get thinking and keep moving. Whether you are facing a niggling concern or a complex decision, the creativity of these powerful coaching questions will help you get unstuck. Sometimes, a single Anytime question will inspire your “aha” moment. Other days, you may […]


Team Alignment

“If your team was a car, which part would you be?” Sometimes people in a team know their role but forget to see the whole car. Or the car’s destination. Feeling part of a bigger vision is an important part of being engaged. That’s why these questions encourage each individual to step outside themselves and see […]


Be Your Brand

“What problem do you solve unlike anyone else?” In a world based on instant impressions and immediate communications, cultivating your brand is fast becoming a necessity. Whether online or in person, you want people to see the most accurate snapshot of you in a short time; one that presents your best assets and works for […]


How You Lead

“What weaknesses are you ok with people seeing?” Every one of us is a leader. Sometimes leadership roles are obvious; like running a team or being a parent. Sometimes leadership roles are subtler; like mentoring friends or driving tasks from within at work. Wherever you lead, you have a unique style that you embody to […]


Niche Networking

“Who would you approach if you felt no fear?” Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a ‘networker.’ Perhaps you associate networking with something exhausting, overwhelming and hard to prioritize. So, what if you could change your perspective finding ways to connect and engage with your peers and share your ideas? The goal of these […]


Saying No

“When do you say maybe when you really mean no?” We’ve all agreed to things we don’t want to because we think we should, or put other people’s needs before our own. There’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes we forget to leave enough time for ourselves in the process (you know who you are!). […]


Time Management

“What change can you make today that will save you 30 minutes?” Today, we’re all multi-taskers. With everything moving so fast it can be tricky to step back and make practical choices about your priorities without getting overwhelmed. Whether you’re in the midst of a crazy day, or you managed to find a few minutes […]


Romantic Relationships

“What walls are you excited to let down?” Love. It’s age old and we all think about it. In fact, it’s likely many of us over-thought this particular subject. With so many preconceived notions of what romance and relationships should look like, we can miss the things that are truly important or simply ignore things […]


You & Your Body

“What is the greatest gift your body has ever given to you?” How we think and feel about the skin we are in has a huge impact on our mood and personality. Yet sometimes, with all the pressures around us, we lose sight of the fact that bodies were made to ‘live in’ not ‘look […]